The Team

Nigel Brown - Managing Director/Software Consultant

Nigel is the founder of Impromptu Software. After working for a number of AAA software developers with a variety of world-wide publishers, Nigel now runs Impromptu Software as a premium software house for the bespoke development of applications and games for Mobile, Desktop and Console devices. When not at work he plays for a number of different Rock/Jazz bands and tinkers with electronics and 3D printers.

Helen Brown - Financial Director/Administration

Helen has been the financial and administrative management behind Impromptu Software since the start. She currently provides all the administrative side of the business including day-to-day running, invoicing, wages, and all the other bits that Nigel doesn't want to do. Outside work she has a keen interest in her pair of house-rabbits as well as a developing interest in Steampunk.

Keith Brown (no relation!) - Software Engineer

Originally from Carlisle, Keith completed his degree in Computer Science at the University of Derby in 2015. His programming interest started when he was 10 as merely a curiosity asking “How are games made?” to a family friend who then sent him a CD full of tutorials and examples. Since then he’s branched out into a myriad of different programming languages, with the bulk of his experience in C++. He hit the ground running in his working life, as his university placement year was spent in Oxford working for the Science and Technology Facilities Council, where he helped write MantidPlot, a piece of scientific software that was used in the UK and USA for analysing data from particle accelerators. Outside of work he enjoys anime and gaming, so much in fact he helps run two local anime groups in Nottingham and Derby and is training as a Magic: The Gathering judge at a local gaming store.

Robert McHardy - Development Operations

Moving to the Cotswolds allowed me the chance to join a company that provided me the opportunity to help put into place core processes and allocate the relevant persons these responsibilities. New methods were implemented such as event logistics, delivery and execution, all of these improved within the company immediately. Working alongside the senior event manager I am responsible for directing the events team strategy for onsite experience, cost management, supplier relationships and delegate management covering over 200 wedding and events throughout the year. Having secured venues and recognised as the sole caterers on 5 year contracts, the team has grown together and now also been awarded the TWIA award for the most Highly Commended Wedding Caterer in the South West 2015. (Ed - are you sure this is correct Rob?)

Neville Daniel - User Experience Guru

Neville is a versatile and imaginative project consultant and has been working with Impromptu Software since 2012. He possesses over 11 years of experience delivering delightful user experiences in partnership with creatives and technologists. With expertise in product development, content design and technical delivery, Neville excels in the application of critical thinking to deliver both large-scale and rapid-turnaround projects. Neville collaborates seamlessly with stakeholders to devise fantastic digital ideas and oversees projects throughout their end-to-end life-cycle. He previously held an executive position for the BAFTA award winning content design and creation company, Somethin’ Else. Before this, he held a management position at the BBC.

Danny Fox - Game Designer/Programmer

Danny is one of the newer members to the team at Impromptu Software. He studies Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby and has an unrivalled passion for making games. With his strongest language being C#, Danny uses the Unity game engine and a 7+ year modding background with Warcraft III to bring optimism and ideas into the studio every day. Before setting his sights on programming, Danny used to race his bike professionally and even rode for Great Britain. These days he enjoys a more creative lifestyle which includes horror films, teaching guitar and eating bacon. He hopes one day to dive deep into the gaming industry and gain placements in AAA companies across the world.

James Brown - Game Designer/Programmer

James is the youngest member of the team. He has recently completed his GCSEs and has worked with the company over the summer. He has experience with both 2D and 3D projects in the unity game engine and has basic experience with C and C#. He has also helped to test previous company projects. Outside of work he spends most of his time playing video games, making small projects in unity and playing the Tenor Saxophone in a variety of local bands. He is currently at Loughborough College studying on their Space Engineering course while doing the odd day here and there to test and improve our products.